Suggested Sites To Visit:

When we are doing song interpretations, we tend to need to go to other sites to verify that we have the right lyrics and whatnot. Or sometimes we just need a break and are looking for something funny. So, if you happen to be looking for lyrics or other stuff, these links might help.

Search Engine:

  • Google - The best god damned search engine in the world! Well... It's more likely blessed by god I guess. That whole "god damned" thing is confusing. It truly is the ultimate power in the universe so if you don't use it you are a loser.

Lyrics Sites:

  • Lyred - A lyric search site with a cool feature. This site will show you top artists, top albums or top songs by today, week, month, or since the site has existed. Most of the songs are new songs, and as we have discovered, new songs are generally just not deep enough for us to interpret.
  • LetsSingIt - Probably one of the most comprehensive lyric sites we have visited. Lyrics from Seal to Sting to Maroon 5 to Garth Brooks to you name it. If you REALLY need lyrics, try this site.
  • LyricsFreak - Another extremely comprehensive site. This site also has a very nice user interface which is always a plus!

Humor Sites:

  • Extreme Funny Humor - Well, we also enjoy some funny stuff as well, and this site is a portal to funny stuff so enjoy it.
  • Kill Some Time - Another site that's just full of funny stuff. You see, humor allows Darryl and I's conscious minds be distracted while our subconscious minds find the deep meanings in the lyrics.
  • Cool Funny Jokes - A site of jokes. Again, something to help us get into deep thinking mode.
  • Joke Pro - Another funnyite that links to other funny site that in turn probably links to even more funny sites.